Top 5: The Best Coffee Shops in Titusville, FL

February 15, 2022Mary Henderson

It is no secret that we here at The Space Coast Experience love a good cup of coffee! So here, in no particular order are our Top 5 The Best Coffee Shops in Titusville, FL. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with any of these! (Make sure to give them some love and follow them on Instagram!)

5 | Black Cat Coffee Roasters |

Their menu of seasonal and daily specials is 100% worth checking out! A Strawberry Rose Latte? Yes and thank you! Vanilla Lavender Cold Brew. Okay! Cafe Au Lait… cafe oh yay! Owner and operator Mindy Elfand is a craft coffee roaster (roastress?) extraordinaire. She creates custom small batch roasts with beans from around the world for her own coffee house AND 10 other coffee houses, restaurants and breweries in the area! Don’t you just love it when everyone supports local? Also, this little coffee house is tucked away right off I-95 making it the perfect pit stop when you’re making a long trek.

Our Favorite: Cold Brew w/ Cold Foam. Add a flavor of your choice or take it straight up. It’s delicious any way it comes!

Where: 3355 Foley Rd, Titusville, FL 32780

4 | Rearview Coffee |

Okay, you’re welcome in advance for letting you know about this little gem. One of my go to travelling moves is to find a local person and ask them, “Where would you go to get [fill in the blank].” You will get the best recommendations and find things you would never find otherwise. That’s me right now telling you about Rearview Coffee.

You see, Rearview Coffee is not right in the middle of the busy downtown. They’re a little off the beaten path and definitely worth the trip. (Not much of a trip. I mean, if you’re in Titusville right now, it’s probably no more than ten minutes from where you are!) I would recommend heading to Rearview for breakfast. Their breakfast sandwiches are so good, and every cup of coffee I have had there is so great you guys! My go to no matter where I go is a simple black coffee, but espressos, lattes, hot, iced, it’s all good here. Oh! And they have a drive thru!

Our Favorite: Large Iced Caramel Macchiato. Go big or go home!

Where: 1561 N Singleton Ave, Titusville, FL 32796

3 | Cafe Paradiso |

When you step through the doors of Café Paradiso, you are transported to the heart of New Orleans, LA. That’s right! NOLA on the Space Coast! This place is not just coffee! In fact, it’s a whole restaurant serving up the five Big C’s: Creole, Cajun, Cuban, Caribbean, and Coffee! This is a coffee post, so let’s focus on that for the moment. If you’ve ever been New Orleans, you will find that a lot of coffee houses are serving traditional chicory coffee. There’s a whole story behind this but it’s too long so we’ll skip to the end: It’s fantastic ya’ll! Chicory Coffee is outstanding!

There’s also that other thing in New Orleans that people stand in line for hours to get. Everyone on the count of 4. Ready? 1, 2, Beignets! (Sorry, I got excited!) Café Paradiso has got you covered! Stroll on up to the counter and order yourself some beignets and a Mochaccino. Or…go with me a minute, a black coffee. Either Cafe Du Monde or Community Blend.

Our Favorite: There are two: The Mochaccino, because, yum. But if you’re getting beignets, then you can’t go wrong with a Café Au Lait!

Where: 316 Main St, Titusville, FL 32796

2 | Sunrise Bread Co. |

Sunrise Bread Co. is “that place”. You know the one. The place where you go to grab a bite to eat or a coffee because it’s always good and it never let’s you down! When you stroll up to the counter you will pass all of the fresh-made breads, scones, muffins, cinnamon rolls, cookies and you will fight with all of your will power to pass them by and it will be in vain! They’re delicious! And what goes better with a blueberry scone that a cup of coffee? I’ll tell you, FOUR cups of coffee! That’s right, they have a coffee flight! Just go. Just go and get it. You’re welcome!

Our Favorite: The Flight! Why choose one when you can have four?!

Where: 315 S Hopkins Ave, Titusville, FL 32796

1 | Pier 13 Coffee Company |

Drink. Local. Coffee. That’s the slogan of this coffee shop in the heart of historic downtown Titusville, and we could not agree more! Pier 13 Coffee Company boasts that they have “the best roast on the coast” and when you step inside, you will understand why! All of their coffee is roasted in house in their beautiful Mill City Roaster lovingly named “Java the Hutt”. And it’s good ya’ll! Get a coffee, Get a latte. Get a cuban, a cappucino, a seafreeze, there are no wrong choices here!

Our Favorite: A Caramel Mocha Seafreeze. Perfect for those hot Florida afternoons

Where: 322 S Washington Ave Suite B, Titusville, FL 32796

There you have it! Our Top 5: The Best Coffee Shops in Titusville, FL

Have you been to any of these? Or did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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