Threshold Farm

March 3, 2021Mary Henderson

I’m just a girl standing in front of a horse asking if we can be best friends.

I don’t know if that’s the right way to approach a horse, but I think it went okay. If all my research on the body language of horses is correct, I was either accepted and trusted, or she was tired. *shrug* I’ll have to ask.

Regardless, learning how to ride a horse has been on my bucket list for a while. I don’t mean, getting on a horse and walking around in a circle at the carnival pony rides. I mean galloping across the plains of the west, herding cattle, riding off into the sunset horseback riding.

Okay, that’s a touch dramatic, but I think you know what I mean. And visiting Threshold Farm has taken me one step closer to reaching my goal.

Threshold Farm sits on a beautiful 10 acres in Titusville, FL. This farm has been around for over 45 years the last three of which have been under the ownership of Heather & Andrés Berrio and Leslie House.

Heather moved to Titusville, FL from New Jersey and has been riding for 30 years. She has a degree in Equestrian Business Management – Teaching/Training from Wilson College, and I gotta tell you, from the moment you meet Heather and her horses, you can tell that she is living her passion!

She introduced us to the lovely Spirit who we had the great fortune to train with that day. We covered the basics starting with grooming, saddling, and eventually riding!

Heather teaches both Western and English styles and all that those 2 disciplines entail – from Jumping and Dressage to Western pleasure. Well,  this girl is not ready to jump anything (except maybe to conclusions!) so as a beginner, we went with Western.

As someone that has only ever ridden a trail horse, (aka I know nothing!) Heather and Spirit both made me feel confident that I could do this! Spirit is so gentle and patient (if not a little stubborn!) and Heather is a phenomenal teacher. I learned the proper way to sit, how to stand in the stirrups, how to walk, stop, turn around, and trot. We ended the lesson with a sweet peppermint for a job well done! (For Spirit, not me!)

Now, would I try to do all that I learned by myself? No! That’s why I’m signing up to take regular lessons! I am determined that this bucket-list dream will become a reality, and Threshold Farm is where I begin that journey!

You can find Threshold Farm on Facebook

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