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“The Space Coast is Florida’s best-kept secret that everyone knows about!”


It sounds crazy, but it’s true! If you ask someone on the street if they’ve ever heard about NASA and rocket launches, they will undoubtedly say yes! But if you ask them if they’ve heard of the Space Coast, that’s a different story. Well, we’re here to change that! And that’s why we share all of the amazing things our home coast has to offer!

Why Choose The Space Coast Experience?


Our team has close to 20 years of experience in blogging, content creation, photography, and entertainment. We started The Space Coast Experience because we share a deep love not only for our hometown, but for all things food, travel, entertainment, and adventure!


The large majority of our social media followers live right here on the Space Coast, and one of the reasons they follow us is that they want to learn about new places they can check out! Our posts are going into the feeds of potential long-term customers right in your own backyard!


We do our very best to show our audience the fantastic things you have to offer in the most authentic way possible! We want our audience to experience what it’s actually like to visit your business so that when they show up in person, they say, “This is amazing! Just like I thought it’d be!”