Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventure

April 23, 2021Mary Henderson

Intense Family Fun

Sometimes you just need to harness up and suspend yourself off of 45-foot tall poles and do some American Ninja Warrior stuff. You know?

We’ve all done that thing. You know, where you’re watching a movie, a YouTube video, or the Olympics and you think, *pfft* “I could do that.” My thing is American Ninja Warrior. Now, I know rationally that I can’t do the things. There’s no way! A warped wall? Absolutely not. Salmon Ladder? Ha! No. Cargo net?

Yeah, I can do that one.

Enter Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventure

We had the amazing opportunity to stop by and hang out for a while. I mean literally because the course is suspended in the air on 45-foot-tall poles!

Top Rated In the Country!

If you are looking for an awesome, intense day of family fun, look no further! This adventure park was designed #1 for safety and #2 for awesomeness. Picture it: a three-story elevated extreme playground for all ages. And it’s not just me that thinks this place is great. They were voted USA Today’s 2020 and 2019 “10 Best” Aerial Adventure Courses in the USA! That’s top 10 in the whole country! (I’m pretty sure you got that, but it bears repeating!)

Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures has 7 different trails with 49 unique challenges built around a three-story central tower in a canopy of beautiful 100-year-old live oak trees. Hello beautiful! The park was designed to preserve the natural environment and create a low-impact intrusion on the land. Situated between the Banana River and the Atlantic Ocean, the park enjoys year-round breezes and gorgeous views from their highest platforms.

Another thing that makes this adventure unique is that you get to choose the trails you feel comfortable with and move at your own pace to tackle the challenges as an individual, instead of in a group.

So, here’s how Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventure works:

  1. Reservations are strongly suggested, so go to their website at and book your date and time.
  2. Make sure you sign the waiver!
  3. When you get there, you’ll check in at the front desk (and sign that waiver if you forgot!) and an adventure guide will take you to get suited up in your safety gear! (closed toed shoes are required)
  4. Next, you’ll attend “ground school”. Ground School teaches you all about the course, it’s safety equipment, and allows you the chance to get comfortable in your harness and with how everything works.
  5. Then you choose your trail, and your adventure begins!

As you get started, rest assured that there is always a guide nearby to give you tips and to make sure you’re doing everything right. (Safety first!) This definitely helped us a lot!

The Course

On the first level, you will find 3 courses perfectly suited to all ages and activity levels. It’s fun for the whole family (kid-friendly ages 5 and up!) and is a great way to get yourself acclimated to hanging in the air on a harness! (Or maybe a warmup for those so inclined)

If you’re looking for more of a challenge, climb the stairs to Level 2 and take things up a notch. There you’ll find three more courses more suited to an intermediate level. But when they say intermediate, they mean seriously challenging! And not just a physical challenge either. You’ll have to break out those problem-solving skills to conquer these bad boys!

And for the adrenaline junkies (or fellow Ninja Warrior Spirits), head on up to the highest level where the red course will test your composure as you traverse the course above the treetops. This is where I conquered the cargo net 45 feet up in the air.  If you think you want to give this, the most difficult course a try, I highly recommend doing it early on while you still have the energy in the tank to spare. This course drained me! It was a blast, and I would do it again in a heartbeat! (Just probably before doing three other trails first!)

That’s one of the great things about this place. You go at your own pace because it’s your adventure! Want to head straight up to the most difficult course on level three? Go right ahead! Want to hang out on level one or two the whole time? Do it! Need a break and a drink? Come on down and sit in the shade! Or maybe you just want to watch your grandkids climb around like monkeys in the trees!

The Verdict

Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures is a must-experience destination on the Space Coast. It is an ideal activity for team building, corporate giveaways, intense family fun day, date night, birthday parties, you name it! And, if you’re a local, you can get an annual pass for less than your average gym membership! (Gotta get swole bruh!) And after you wrap up your adventure here, head on over to 4th Street Fillin Station in Cocoa Beach for some great drinks, and food!

So, whether you’re visiting Cocoa Beach on vacation or you’re a local within driving distance, book your time now!

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