4th Street Fillin Station

March 8, 2021Mary Henderson

“A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.” – Thomas Keller

I don’t know if I’ve ever read anything truer, and it’s evident the moment you enter the converted Mobile Station in Cocoa Beach, Florida that 4th Street Fillin’ Station has that thing, that vibe.

They’ve got soul!

This is without a doubt a cool joint. Owner Daniel Todd has thought of it all! You can enjoy the seating inside the garage bays (surrounded by steam-punk inspired décor) or mosey on outside to the beautiful backyard by the 100-year-old oak tree and sit yourself at a colorfully hand-painted table.

Daniel has made sure that whether you’re getting an early start or looking for a late-night cocktail, 4th Street has it! Breakfast starting at 7 am…check! Lunch and dinner served until o’dark thirty…check! Over 175 beers available, craft cocktails expertly made to order, live music…check, check and check! But they couldn’t possibly have extraordinary desserts, right? Wrong! They do! Like my dad says, “If I’m lyin’, I’m dyin’!”

Here’s the thing though: coolness is great! A huge variety of offerings is doubly great! But remember how we talked about soul? Soul comes from the people! And Daniel knew exactly that when he hired CJ to be his Head Chef. He saw what we did. CJ echoed Daniel’s own heart: he loves people and loves feeding them!

That’s how CJ’s Bangin’ BLT came into being. One of his coworkers was hungry and CJ went to work! It became so popular among the staff that they began to recommend it to their customers, and it quickly found it’s way onto the menu.

That same heart extends into their Plant-Based Promise. 4th Street Fillin’ Station promises that all of their Plant-Based dishes are 100% free of all animal-derived ingredients and are prepared on kitchen equipment that will never see a single chicken wing! Even if you haven’t made this commitment yourself, you have got to try the 4th Street Corn or the Cauliflower Tacos…they are divine!

When you’re finished with whatever you’ve had (honestly pick anything it’s all fantastic!), head on over to the Dessert Bar for a Waffle Sunday or a Monster Shake. We tried the Cookie Monster and the Pink Unicorn. They’re so good ya’ll. Just look at them! (And if you feel so inclined, they can make it boozy for you!)

And if all of this wasn’t awesome enough, they have a food truck! They’re mobile and they cater.

Go already! (I’m sorry. That was pushy.) What I meant to say was: The next time you’re in the area or within a 2-hour flight, you should consider giving them a try!

And if you like this place you should try REC 225 the next time!


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